There is only ONE Akita
The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) is currently entertaining the idea of splitting the Akita breed, as it is
formally recognized in North America, into TWO separate and distinct breeds.

Proponents of this split will argue that the "Original" - read Japanese Akita (JA) - is the true heir to the designation "Akita".  
What they will call the dogs that do not fit this FCI based concept of the breed remains to be seen.

The words they use, separate and distinct, are misleading.

Separate and distinct suggests that Akitas have diverged into two groups of animals that share few common characteristics.  
Perhaps like the Pembrooke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

But Akitas are NOT like the 2 Corgi breeds.  

As this excerpt from the CKC breed standard for the
Pembrooke Welsh Corgi shows, the addition of another
breed was the genesis of the Pembrooke.

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"Some dog historians theorize that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi originated from the
Swedish Vallhund (brought into the country by the Vikings) and the Welsh Herd Dog."

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There has been NO such influx of new genetic material into the Akita genome.

The results of an interesting study performed in conjunction with U.C. (Davis) bares this out.  
Genetic testing was performed on dogs from Japan and dogs that have been bred in North America for generations.  
There is nothing, on a DNA level,  to suggest the inclusion of non-Akita blood.

Therefore one can not claim separate and distinct with any semblance of authority.

So, exactly what is happening?

Mizo Gawa Go Ayoshi

Togarashi Sachi Go Ichi

Multi BIS Ch. Wasenshi's Hang Onto Your Halo Ch.Wasenshi's Colour Me Bad Ch.Wasenshi's Pardon My Dust

                          Can you see the difference?  Of course you can!

Since when did variances in style and type denote "separate and distinct"?

Most, if not all breeds, have variations of style and/or type.  No one is suggesting that this constitutes new breeds!  
In fact there can be much to be gained from style and type differences within a breed.  A schism is not the answer.  The consequences are dire.

Here's some things to consider when talking about splitting the Akita into two different breeds.

1) For breeders in Canada the division of the original breed into 2 different breeds will be a death knell for the separated Japanese Akita.  The gene pool is simply too small the numbers too scarce.

Cost prohibitive to bring in quantity and unlikely to import quality.
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Which is Which?

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American Akita                 Japanese Akita     Japanese Akita       American Akita

Should it really matter?